Yamaha Viper X-TX





High Performance Genesis 4-stroke engine
The over-achieving Genesis® engine is the heart of our lightweight and aggressive SRViper model family. It pulls consistently hard from takeoff to top end. Your thumb cracks a trio of 41mm throttle bodies that deliver strong performance from idle to wide open.
Fuel injection
The Genesis High Performance engine uses Yamaha's advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers will enjoy the engine's spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.
Engine braking reduction system
The Genesis High Performance engine features the unique Engine Braking Reduction System. The system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders a "coast" feeling.
Legendary Yamaha Clutching
The SRViper X-TX LE uses the legendary Yamaha YVXC clutching. Easily the most reliable and durable clutch system in the industry, the YVXC has evolved to efficiently handle the unique power characteristics of the Genesis 4-stroke engine.
Multi-purpose magnesium chaincase
The SRViper X-TX LE's chain case and cover serve as both a mounting point for chassis spars and the engine's oil reservoir. Lightweight magnesium construction minimizes weight.
High performance Hayes Brake system
The SRViper X-TX LE's high performance Hayes brake system delivers stopping power with a large-diameter, 8-inch rotor. Mounted low on the drive shaft, you feel immediate whoa-power with a quick stab of the brake.
The hydraulic brake's race-inspired radial master cylinder design gives you excellent leverage when needed, with precise brake feel and control.
15 x 141 x 1.6-inch Camoplast® CobraTM track
The SRViper XTX LE uses the Camoplast® CobraTM track, measuring 15 by 141 inches, with 1.6-inch lugs. This lightweight track features a 3-inch pitch design with cupped lugs for excellent deep snow performance without compromising on-trail action. The durable, yet lightweight single-ply design offers performance and efficiency.

Yamaha X-TX , only 300 km's with warranty, open to all offers. Will look at trades .. Financing available OAC.

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