Screw Pile

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SC&P is an efficient, dynamic, and state of the art customer service. Our certified staff is well equipped to meet any project requirements, from the largest custom project, to the smallest standard order.

SC&P are services to proven to have foundation solutions. “ALBERTA MADE WITH ALBERTA STEEL”. Our piles give vertically stabilization for foundation stability. Screw Piles are perfect for minimum ground disturbance. We offer many different sizes and tops for all different kinds of applications. Our piles are recommended for the following projects:
• Home additions
• Decks / Gazebos
• Gates
• Mobile homes
• Grade Beams
• Retaining walls
• Car plug-ins
• Safety Bollards
• Light posts
• Hydraulic Lifts
• Ramps / Loading docks
• Transformers
• Support concrete structures
• Lateral stability
• Emergency call boxes
• Steel grain bin (settling issues)
• Marina
• Grandstands
• Boardwalks
• Solar Fields
• Wind Turbines
• Signs

We also offer residential roofing, mini hoe trenching, and skid steer services to suit your needs if required.
Give us a call to book.

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