Forestry Mulcher UML/S - FML/ST





Forestry mulcher with fixed tooth rotor (UML/ST) or swinginghammer rotor (FML/ST)between 50 and 110 HP.

Mulcher with fixed carbide tooth system designed and built to be used with low powered tractors for underbrush applications and smaller jobsites, in derelict land or bush.
High quality the materials, reliable technology and attention to detail make the UML/ST mulcher an investment to last over time.
Multiple tooth options are available for different applications.

Standard equipment includes:

PTO shaft (FML/ST)
PTO shaft with cam clutch (UML/ST)
gearbox with freewheel
transmission with belts in XPB
rear hood
welded steel counter-blades
adjustable skids
protection chains
Available on demand: possibility to choose transmission 540 / 1000 rpm, frontal attachment, extended 3 point linkage, hydraulic top link, mechanical push frame, special skids to go underground (UML/ST), different teeth (UML/ST)

Please for more info check:
Phone: 780 674 2888

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