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Barrhead / Westlock

My hens are laying nicely now. Our hens are fed our own grain mix that we have grown on our farm. They love when we give them treats of lettuce, potato peels, and other fruit and veggie peels, that makes their day! We keep them supplied with oyster shell- keeps their digestion healthy, and gives them much needed calcium. Sometimes we give them a treat of milk, from our family milk cow, they love it. They are definitely living the good life.

Our hens have been raised on our farm, by our own momma hens. They are free to roam as they please in their insulated coop all winter, we change their bedding regularly, giving them new straw to scratch in, as they are hanging out with their egg-mates that they grew up with. As soon as nice weather comes, they are allowed outside to freely roam their large fenced run, safely away from predators.

Eggs are collected daily, washed, candled, date marked, and refrigerated.

Most of our eggs are brown, we also have a few hens that lay lovely blueish green eggs. Most are large size eggs, a few jumbo, a few medium. Each carton is a mix of the colors, and sizes, as fair as we can.

I can deliver to Barrhead on Wednesday Evenings, or Sundays at noon. Contact to arrange delivery.

$4.00 per dozen delivered in town.

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