Winchester Rifle No Model# 222 REM

Price $: 

700 OBO




Bow Island

Selling for a friend who is downsizing his collection don't know much about the rifle hopefully you can see model # etc must have PAL text is best. Rifle will come with some ammo. Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Richard they owner 403 528 0949.

Medicine Hat Buy and Sell Guns Winchester Rifle No Model# 222 REM

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Your way over priced for that rifle ! It's a Savage model 340 or cil model 830 both made by Savage they sell for at best , $350 and I'm not lowballing , that's the market value on them . I sold one not long ago and it took me 5 months to even get $350 for it , local dealer here sells them online for $300-350 , and they are not rare if that what you or someone may think. I've seen many online for half what you looking for .

Can confirm

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and the will not ship just seals the deal no sale