Hitachi 12" Miter saw dual bevel sliding

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Hitachi C12LSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter saw with Laser Guide and Digital Bevel Display
* Revolutionary compact slide system
* allows the saw head to slide along fixed rails, eliminating the need for rear clearance
* Top-mounted, digital, LCD scale
* swivels to provide clear and accurate miter and bevel readings from any angle
* Laser marker system from Hitachi
* increases cutting accuracy
* Powerful 15 Amp motor with 1,850 Watts of max output power
* to tackle tough cutting jobs with ease
* Micro miter and micro bevel adjustment knobs
* to dial-in to precise angles
* Large pivoting fence raises fence height to 4-11/16 inches
* to cut crown molding vertically
* 0-57 degree miter angle to the right
* for flexibility with
* 0-46 degree miter angle to the left
* 0-45 degree bevel angle to the right and left
* allowing users to quickly and easily flip the saw blade and leave the material in place
* Positive stops on the miter and bevel scale
* , for easy to read measurements and quick settings
* Carbon brush access
* , allows the user to replace the brush as needed to greatly prolong tool life
* Vertical handle with soft, vibration reducing elastomer grip
* adds comfort and control
* Download the
* C12LSH Tool Card
* 12 inch 32T TCT Saw Blade (726100)
* Dust Bag (322955)
* Vice Assembly (324378)
* 17mm Box Wrench (985051)
* Powered by impressive 15-amp motor
* Includes positive stops 0, 15, 22-1/2, 31.6, and 45 degrees right and left
* The micro bevel and miter adjustment knobs dial into precise angles
* Durably and comfortably crafted with a stainless steel detent plate, carbide blade, and soft grip
* Includes TCT 60-tooth saw, blade, vise assembly, dust bag,

Calgary Buy and Sell Tools and Equipment Hitachi 12" Miter saw dual bevel sliding

Hitachi 12" Miter Saw dual bevel sliding
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