9mm ammo Winchester "Super Clean" 50 shot box 90 grain (Zinc Core) FMJ

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I have SPECIAL 9mm ammo for sale.

Winchester "Super Clean" 90 grain FMJ

*Note: These are Zinc core & lead free

50 rounds per box

Each box $20


Ordering Instructions:

Call or text 403 473 4122 (no calls after 8pm please). When you contact me, let me know what ammo brand you want and how many boxes. More often than not, if you are ordering 10+ boxes from me, I will try my best to discount you as much as possible so best to contact me with your COMPLETE order to get the best possible price quote. I am willing to offer discounts on mix and match caliber orders as well.


Personal Review:

Super Clean? Are they really THAT clean? They sure are! Here is the newest entry from Winchester, and boy are they clean!

They shoot with very little recoil, no residue in powder, and are decently accurate (if not better than AE/Blazer).

But they also shoot a 90 grain bullet! And it is sure is light, but when you are shooting at target paper in doors, these are a nice round to use, as with a light bullet comes a light recoil and a higher muzzle velocity (1325fps!)


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Calgary Buy and Sell Guns 9mm ammo Winchester "Super Clean" 50 shot box 90 grain (Zinc Core) FMJ

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