Ballistic level 3 a team Wendy exfill helmet

Price $: 






Legit level 3 helmet purchased from 911 supply receipt to verify retail 1450 arma sight gen 1 sparc works great very upgradable can see 50 yards out in pitch black can send you vid of it retails for 980 and good luck getting it shipped to Canada the ear protection is peltor digital and analog com ready with the head band they retail 280 and the mount to put it on the helmet is also about 240 and the peltor quick mounts for the ep are 160 the whole thing retail is worth 3110.00 dollars so I’m literally listing for 50 % of retail so this is pretty much the lowest I will take might as well just keep it for anything less

Calgary Buy and Sell Guns Ballistic level 3 a team Wendy exfill helmet

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