3D printed 1911 grips

Price $: 

20 - 30


(780) 721-6794


3D printed 1911 grips made of durable PLA plastic which comes in a large variety of colors and can be sanded, painted, or stained if you choose. Several design options available and custom designs are possible. To keep the cost down, I do not do any finishing to the grips (sanding, painting, etc.). I can't guarantee that they'll fit on all types of 1911's and variants without a little bit of modifications.

If interested contact me for more details.

Edmonton Area Guns 3D printed 1911 grips
"Death Proof" Skull, black PLA plastic & painted white
Suicide Squad Skull, Black PLA plastic
Punisher Skull, black PLA plastic
Punisher - Copper plastic
"Cobra", Transparent Red PETG plastic
"Cobra" V2 Skeleton, Transparent Blue PETG plastic
Skeleton Grips, Gold PLA plastic
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Bought 2 sets for my 1911s. Perfect fit he also made a set special for my gsg 1911 22 cal so the ambi saftey works perfectly. Great price for 1911 grips!