Bernese/lab puppy

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Hello!! My name is Vixie and I am an 8 month old Bernese mountain dog crossed with lab. My mom thinks I might have some collie in me as I am quite small for both a Bernese and a lab. I had my deworming and first set of shots as a young pup. I am a very high energy girl who loves to chase and play for hours at a time! I'm very good with young kids but I need to be watched because sometimes I get so excited that I bump into them and knock them off their feet. Never on purpose though!! I understand basic commands such as sit, stay, down, back up, come, and leave/drop it. I am an awesome fetcher too! My mom is very sorry to be looking for a new home for me but she has just had a new baby that is taking up too much of her time so she never gets to take me for walks or give me the attention I still so desperately need. I would really love to go to an acreage or somewhere with other dogs! I just love other pups! If you are interested in me please give my mom a text.

Ps. I still have some issues jumping up when my owners come home or someone new and exciting comes to visit. I'm working on cutting that out though!

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