Antique Status REICH REVOLVER 1883 with ammo $2250

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Antique REICH REVOLVER 1883. Can use .44 Russian for shooting and it shoots nicely for such an old gun. For $2250 I will include 3 boxes of ammo (50 per box) loaded with Pyrodex (black powder substitute), 200 Bullets and a Lee Loader which would give you everything you need to reload for this except for your black powder or suitable substitute. While the gun is an antique and does not require a PAL, I would need to see a PAL for the ammo. Looking for a local sale in Alberta. I am located within a reasonable driving distance of either Edmonton (45 minutes) or even Calgary (2.5 hours).

Edmonton Buy and Sell Guns Antique Status REICH REVOLVER 1883 with ammo $2250

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