Fusion Firearms 1911 .38 Super/Supercomp/9mm

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Gently used Custom Built 1911.
Fusion Firearms is in New York and owned/operated by the former CEO of Dan Wesson. This was my daily carry in the states but no such thing here of course.Comes with everything you see in the pic: 2 each .38 super/supercomp mags, 2 9mm mags, Blade Tech holster, 2 mag pouches, and a selection of springs and parts. Dawson front sight and Bomar adjustable rear. (Champion mfg.)
Very accurate and 100% reliable piece. (Used it to get Master classification in IDPA.) Hard chromed and Cera Coated.

Big box of Montana Gold JHPs (see pic)

If you're in or near Kelowna, a test-fire can be arranged at the KDFC Range.

Kelowna Buy and Sell Guns Fusion Firearms 1911 .38 Super/Supercomp/9mm

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