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I have a gorgeous, white European twin-size bed (81.5" x49.75") that I no longer need. European twin beds are bigger than a North American twin bed and smaller than a double bed. Originally purchased from IKEA, my friend passed it onto me. She took excellent care of it so it is in top shape. I use double-sized bedding on it because regular twin bedding is too narrow.
I have slept on it for most of the past year and the mattress is very comfortable. At nearly 5' 10" and weighing 200 lbs, being mostly legs and arms, I fit on it easily with room to stretch out. My four dogs (Husky @ 78 lbs, Golden Lab @ 66 lbs, German Shepherd @ 74 lbs, Jack Russel Terrier/Beagle @ 32 lbs) slept on it with me. Plenty of room for all 5 of us.
It comes completely apart so is easy to move. However, it is light enough to move assembled. I purchased a waterproof mattress cover when I bought it from my friend, to ensure the mattress stayed in brand-new condition. You can have the cover since I will not need it. The bedding seen in the photographs is not included.
I am also selling the matching desk. Sturdy. 35.5" x 23" desk with a pull-out keyboard shelf that does not take up lots of room. If you want the white lamp in the photograph, you can have it if you take the desk.
I am selling the bed, desk, and lamp together for $100. The bed alone is $90. The desk alone is $30.00. The lamp alone is $5.00

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