10Liter fist tank







Cleaned 10L tank and supplies for sale.

Comes with everything you would need to raise a betta except the fish itself! This is over $100 worth of stuff, as you can see, the tank itself is worth more than what I am asking for everything!

- 10L glass tank with lift-able plastic top for easy feeding + thermometer reader
- pump filter system + extra filters (never been used)
- food pellets and “away” food tabs
- rum barrel decoration
- plant decoration
- red rocks for bottom (+some decorative gems mixed in)
- water conditioner (about half bottle left)
- fish net
- large, fine strainer for cleaning the rocks
- info pamphlets
- transfer bowl for when you are cleaning
- large water jug with preconditioned water so that water is ready to go!

Wspu, sorry no holds.

Lethbridge Buy and Sell Fish 10Liter fist tank

Betta fish tank with rocks and decorations
The same tank is over $70 on Amazon
All that is included... size reference next to shoes.
strainer for cleaning rocks
easy lift top, gap in the back for the pump. Thermometer gauge on side of tank
brand new pump and filters (never used) pamphlets, water cleaners, food, net, transfer bowl,
pre-conditioned water. Holding jug for between cleans (so the water gets to room temperature)
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