Bat 6MM PPC Bench Rest Rifle


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Bat 6MM PPC Bench Rest Rifle:
-Rifle makes light varmint weight of 10 lbs. 7.5 oz. with scope.
- Bat Model B
- 30 mil Bat Rings
- Right Bolt
- Left Port
- Right Eject
- Jewel 2 oz. Benchrest Trigger
- Bartlein Barrel 1 X 14 Twist 262 neck
- Barrel 187 rounds through since new.
- Scovill stock
(Rifle with Scope Rings $3,799.00)
-March Fixed Power 40x52 mm
-1/8 m.o.a. Ajustment
-3/32 Dot Reticle
-Also dies and 100 Lapua brass (3 times fired) dies and brass matched to rifle are available.

Carstairs Buy and Sell Guns Bat 6MM PPC Bench Rest Rifle

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