Vintage Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster

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Medicine Hat

Time my vintage Remington Wingmaster found a new home. Has not been used in years. It was manufactured in July of1962. It is 3 inch magnum receiver (one of the first since they started making them in 1955) and wears walnut furniture. It has its share of nicks and scratches(see pics) but is in overall very good to excellent condition. It presently has an unfired vent-rib 28 inch rem choke barrel on it for shooting steel shot with mod choke installed. It comes with the original 30 inch full choke barrel as well in case you might want to shoot trap or upland. It also comes with choke case with tool,full and ic chokes. Everything in a hard case that shows its age but is still functional. A new one is $1000.00 without all the extras and not as well built in my opinion. A true much sought after upgraded magnum.

Medicine Hat Buy and Sell Guns Vintage Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster

Shotgun,barrel,and chokes
Right side
Left side
Left side receiver, serial number
Stock left side
Ribbed rem choke barrel
Right side receiver
Right side stock blemishes
Original barrel receiver end
Muzzle end
Case for chokes with tool and full and improved cylinder chokes
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