Mysterious Bolt

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Anybody out there know what this booth fits ???

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I believe the shorter one is from a Cooey model 39 or 75 single shot 22. Not sure about the longer one. Are you hoping to sell them or just curious?

Looks exactly like the bolt in my old Ranger single shot, which might have been sold by Simpson Sears years ago. My gun has no serial number but my dad bought it in the 1940s. After some internet search and YouTubes, like the writer above says, it could very well be from one of several Cooey models, either model 39, 75, 78, 82, and maybe a couple of other single shot bolt actions, made from maybe the late 1930s or early 40s to the late 1960s, give or take. My Ranger looks exactly like the Cooey 75s shown in YouTubes, with the deeper forearm, and two-stage cocking.