450 Marlin reloading components

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I've sold the rifle so the components need to go. Everything is in Red Deer, no shipping on ammo but the rest can be shipped on your dime.

3 boxes of factory 350 grain flat point bullets. These are the brass you need if you want to reload anything other then the flex tip bullets as those leverevolution bullets use shorter brass. These can be trimmed to load some ftx bullets if you ever wanted to. $55/box

Rcbs dies, like new. $55

176 pieces of the longer hornady brass (these can load any bullet except the ftx, you would need to trim them to load ftx bullets)

Of the brass
96 are once fired factory ammo that were tumbled and prepped to load again
22 are twice fired and need to be resized/prepped.
58 were once fired then reloaded with either 350 grain hard cast or 390 grain gas checked hard cast.
I've got the load data if you want them as is or I can pull the bullets and sell them empty if you prefer. $200 for all 176 pieces

Some 350 grain, 390 grain gas checked and 450 grain hard cast bullets. $165 for all. There are 22 bullets gone from the bags and the other 58 are loaded up. If they don't sell together and I pull the reloads those bullets will go back in their boxes inside little bags to keep them separate.

Take it all together for $425 or everything except the hardcast bullets for $350, should be a lifetime supply of brass for a hard hitting caliber that's hard to find components for.

Hit me with your trade offers, email is best.

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