1862 sharps&hankins army carbine 1 of 500

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salmon arm b/c

ultra rare original only one for sale in Canada , model -1862 SHARPS& HANKINS ARMY CARBINE. UN touched 100% as pictured , original wood, one small repair as pictured ( near tang) , shes a breech loader, barrel slides forward , has a combination trigger-guard/lever it was ordered by the army, 500 only. it has a 24'' barrel ,brass butt plate, elevation sight. it shot a rimmed cartridge. 54 cal ,
when sharps opened his plant in Philadelphia, he partnered with William Hankins 1862 together manufacturer four barrel pepper box,pistols, breech-loading rifles and carbines, with sliding barrel actions. i tried to show the sharp riffling , over all a solid 65% rifle being as old. firm on price as 2006 book value 4750.00 USA funds. Ron 250-832-8267 rifle is at eagle industries Vernon.you can contact Brandon for more info. ( they wont more for the re-pros of a sharps )PRICE; 1500.00 FIRM. this is the rifles that were used by Custer in his last stand.

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