Buying Your Old/Dead Lead-Acid, Gel, and AGM Batteries For Cash!

Price $: 






Will Pay Cash For Dead/Unwanted Lead-Acid, Gel, And AGM Batteries!

- Automotive Batteries (12v) – $5 pick up, $10 drop off

- Heavy Vehicle Batteries (Deep Cycle) – $5 pick up, $10 drop off

- Recreational Vehicle Batteries (12v, 8v, 6v) – Price for these batteries varies depending on type ($2 – $10)

- Industrial Batteries (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V) – Price for these batteries varies depending on type (contact for details)

Household Batteries - (AAA, AA, Etc) - Do not pay cash for these, however, accept them for drop-off.

Have a battery not listed above? Give me a message.

Please contact me at 1-306-220-4524 or at

Optimum Battery offers affordable and quality new automotive batteries. We also sell batteries for a variety of other applications! Including:

Motorcycles and Utility Sports
RV & Marine
Lawn & Garden
Golf Carts

Our batteries are built strong for the tough Canadian winters.

Pricing on some common batteries:
Group 24F, 700 CA -$95.31
Group 31, 1150 CA - $111.15
Group 34, 1000 CA - $102.96
Group 34/78 DT, 1050 CA - $107.05
Group 34/78 DT, 700 CA - $93.18
Group 35, 725 CA - $81.31
Group 51, 625 CA - $85.41
Group 65, 1050 CA - $107.03
Group 75/86 DT, 650 CA - $85.41
Group 96R, 740 CA - $112.88
Group GC2, 232 AH - $144.54
Group 4D, 1250 CA - $ 175.47
Group 8D, 1500 CA- $210.60
Group H5, 650 CA - $120.84
Group H6, 920 CA - $132.80
Group H7, 950 CA - $152.08
Group H8, 1000 CA - $156.75

*Not sure what battery your vehicle needs? Contact us, we would be happy to help.

All pricing is without taxes or core charge, taxes must be included in all new battery sales, refurbished batteries, however, are simply $45.


12-48 month (depending on the battery) warranty on personal

6-18 month (depending on the battery) warranty on commercial use

*Core Charge

$15 minimum core charge on all new batteries
$10 off for each additional battery brought in

*Refurbished Automotive Batteries

Not interested in spending the money associated with a new battery? Try out one of our used or refurbished automotive batteries for $45, take $10 off for every battery you bring in. Each battery comes with a 6-month warranty. If at any time in this period you are not satisfied with our product you can bring it back and we will either refund you or swap it out, whichever you prefer.

Automotive Car Battery (Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM)
Optimum Battery Inc Saskatoon
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