Buying Your Old/Dead Lead-Acid, Gel, and AGM Batteries For Cash!




Phone: 3062204524

Will Pay Cash For Dead/Unwanted Lead-Acid, Gel, And AGM Batteries!

- Automotive Batteries (12v) – $5 pick up, $10 drop off

- Heavy Vehicle Batteries (Deep Cycle) – $5 pick up, $10 drop off

- Recreational Vehicle Batteries (12v, 8v, 6v) – Price for these batteries varies depending on type ($2 – $10)

- Industrial Batteries (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V) – Price for these batteries varies depending on type (contact for details)

Household Batteries - (AAA, AA, Etc) - Do not pay cash for these, however, accept them for drop-off.

Have a battery not listed above? Give me a message, I may still be interested! We also sell a wide variety of new (contact for prices) and used/refurbished automotive batteries ($45).

Please contact me at 1-306-220-4524 or at

Automotive Car Battery (Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM)
Optimum Battery Inc Saskatoon
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