Slave Lake 2 Bedroom Condo Apartment For Sale or Rent to Own

Price $: 



780 717 2905


This Slave Lake, Alberta, unit brings in $1200.00 rental income per month! This building is in a Rental Pool. It is managed by a property management company. They rent it, repair it, and send you a rental cheque every month! Slave Lake, Alberta,2 Bedroom Condo For sale. Has renter in place right now but could vacate if asked to. Woodland Place 780 717 2905 text, cell. Also have 1 bedroom unit available. Special assessment levy will be fully paid which will go to upgrade the property in 2017, 2018 which will add value to the property as well as upgrade and modernize the look of Woodlands, Buy now before the jump in price .Slave Lake rental, Slave Lake apartment, Slave Lake condo, Slave Lake accommodations, Rental Pool , Rent to Own, apartment .Investment. Call for financing details 780 717 2905

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