RARE Anschutz Model (match) 54 22 Cal. LR -SS - Bolt Action


$ 1700.00


Phone: 780 656 0406


Shipped directly from Germany - Rare Anschutz Model (Match) 54 22 cal. LR - Single Shot - Bolt Action - JG Anschutz - ULM West Germany Excellent Condition Wood Stock - Target Rifle - Comes with orginal case with Kit and documents.


I am willing to take a deposit - payments - However any deposits or payments will not be refunded if you back out of the deal. No more than 2 months - twist my arm at 3 months. I know times are tough. I am not selling because times are tough - I am selling because I feel someone who can enjoy them more on a collectors level. I seriously do not require such beautiful pieces to have locked up away and then no one actually enjoys them.

Guns remain with me until paid in full!

RARE Anschutz Model (Match) 54 22 cal. LR - single shot -Bolt Action
Orginal Wooden Case with extras
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