Purebred Hairless Chinese Cresent Puppy

Price $: 

600.00 O.B.O.




This little boy is becoming an adult fast and is in need of a new home and loving family. His training name is little blacky and he is fully house trained to the outdoors for his business. He is a beautiful little guy and will be sad to see him go but mom is to close and dont want to interbreed her as she has a purebred older male for a mate.The Chinese cresents hairless are a loving animal and they dont shed and are totally Hypo-allergenic. He needs to be dressed in cold weather and likes a t shirt for the summer sun. His mom is a wonderful little girl and hovers over him and plays with him constantly. He spends his days in the house and yard and goes to bed in his kennel at 8 at night and gets up at 6-7 am. he is right out the door from bed for his p-break like clock work and keeps his home clean. If interested in a dog who is smart, playful and cuddly and doesnt leave hair on everything please call or text 403-740-6279. Thank you for your interest. Mom and dad can be seen with him.

4mths. old
mom and lil blackie
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