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Rig Mats are an environmentally friendly, portable platform used in Construction and other Resource based Activities. They may also be used as a structural roadway to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and more.

We offer two styles of mat depending on need; Flat End and HD End

As simple as mats are, most have designs flaws that over the years had not changed. Our HD mats have;

-End piece with lift hooks built as components for superior strength
-All welding done in a flat position; no upside down or down hand welds. We have added a 3/8 x 6 inch flat bar boxed in end section ensuring ends cannot flip up – reducing safety issues and vehicle tire damage.
-Lift hooks built in a flush mount design. Recessed hooks become useless in frozen mud; our flush mount hooks can be easily bounced up with a quick hammer hit.

Our Flat end option is a basic platform mat used for low mobility purposes such as a storage tank or other permanent structures.

We supply 8x 20 and 8x40 options of our Rig Mats:

Please call or reply for availability.

Discount pricing available after 10 mats purchased. Please contact for details.


For more information, please call 780-460-4442 for availability.

Surface Flow Control is located just north of St albert


*Surface Flow Control is a registered business. All product is GST applicable.

Surface Flow Control
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