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780 717 4590



If I won’t put it on my wall I won’t put it on yours
Topshot taxidermy 59501 hwy 63 thorhild county
Jay Labrash 780 717 -4590
All Prices Listed include the cost of skinning, processing, Tanning and Mounting Your  Trophy
 Bases, & Pedestal Bases Are An Extra Charge As Listed.
Head/Shoulder Mounts
WT Or Mule Deer   900.00
Small to med sized Elk Or Caribou  1800.00
Large Elk or Moose  2500.00
Mountain Goat Or Sheep  1400.00
Antelope  1050.00
Wild Boar  1400.00
Buffalo  4500.00
Fox, Badger, Coyote, Lynx  700.00
Wolf, Black Bear  1000.00

Wall Pedestal  Mounts Are extra cost based on size of mount 

Open Mouth  Add  250.00 -400.00
Shed Antler Mounting Add   400.00

For predators, Euro Skulls are included with the mounts
 Large Eagles Perched  1500.00
Large Eagles Open Wing 1950.00
Med - Large Hawk or Owl  950.00
Small Hawk or Owl  800.00
Goose  950.00
Ducks  750.00
Grouse or Pheasant   700.00
Open Wing add 300.00
Basic habitat included in price
Rugs  (closed mouth)
~Euro Skulls included~
~Traditional Rugs are Padded, and All Borders are Double Felt Lined~

 Black Bear, As Measured Nose To  Base of Tail, is Priced At:
Black Bear 4' - 5'   1500.00
Black Bear 5' - 7' 1800.00

Grizzly Bear,
As Measured Nose To Base of Tail, Is Priced At   375.00 Dollars Per Linear Ft.
Badger  1000.00
Wolverine, Lynx, Coyote  1500.00
Wolf, Cougar  1800.00

Open Mouth Rugs   Add  400.00
European  Skulls
WT or Mule Deer  200.00
Elk  300.00
Moose. 400.00
Badger, Coyote, Fox, Lynx  200.00
Bear, Wolf, Cougar   250.00

Antler Or Horn Wall Plaques
(western Style)
Antelope, Goat, Deer   225.00
Elk, Moose  425.00 

Westlock Buy and Sell Guns Licensed taxidermist topshot taxidermy

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Joe780's picture

How much to mount a whitetail buck ? How much for a black bear rug? No head no claws

Lab75's picture

Shoulder mount deer are 950 and bear rugs are about 130 a foot test me or call me at 780 717 4590 sorry for taking so long to get back to you I never ever check messages on here

Lab75's picture

Any deer shoulder mounts are 900 bear rugs 120 a foot

Rslinebrad's picture

Want to throw a shout out to Jay! I received my buck back from him this month that my Son and I harvested which means a great deal to us!
He did a great job on it and and very pleased!
Thanks again Man! Hope to bring you a bigger one next year!!!

Rslinebrad's picture

And to see a pic. It’s the bottom few picture he has posted on this page, the lone “angry” buck!
Looks great!!