Sako Bolt action for sale.

Price $: 





01.Sako M85M Finnlight .270 win.Synthetic Stainless -$2000.00
02.Sako M85L Finnlight .300 win.mag.Synthetic Stainless -$2100.00
03.Sako M75-SM .300 WSM Grey Wolf Hunter Laminated S/S-$1750.00
04.Sako M75-SM .270 WSM Synthetic Stainless-sold
05.Sako M75-IV Hunter 30-06 -$1750.00
06.Sako M75-IV Hunter 30-06 -$1750.00
07.Sako M75-III Finnlight.-sold
08.Sako M75-V Hunter 338 win. -$1750.00
09.Sako A7 30-06 Soft-Touch Stainless Bolt-Action Rifle w/ Bush-$1500.00
10.Sako L61 Finnbear 30-06.-$1200.00
11.Sako L61 Finnbear 30-06.-$1100.00
12.Sako AV .30-06-$1000.00
13.Sako AV .25-06-$800.00
14.Sako AV .338 win. fullstock-$1750.00
15.Sako A-II.308.-$900.00
16.Sako A-II.243.-$1200.00
17.Sako A-III Deluxe .270 win-$1450.00
18.Sako L579 243 win.-$1200.00
19.Sako L579 308 win.-$900.00
20.Sako M78 22 Hornet-$1850.00

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