Full Custom Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless 375HH

I have for sale a very special rifle.

This is a Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless chambered in the venerable 375 Holland & Holland built by Gary Flach.

The action has been squared, trued, and feels like it runs on glass. The extractor is upgraded to a machined unit by Williams. The bolt handle has been pinned so it can not come loose. This rifle retains the simple, classic trigger tuned to about 2.5 lbs. Action screws have been upgraded to NECG hex head screws.

The bottom metal has been upgraded to a stainless unit by Swift/Blackburn. This unit alone is over $700 landed and still requires finishing. The follower is beautifully machined by Duane Weibe and runs on delron pins. The follower spring has been upgraded to a stronger one by Duane Wiebe as well. Duane no longer makes these parts. All these changes make for a 375H&H that holds 4 + 1 rounds. Yes, it holds 4 rounds down.

The barrel has been turned down as the factory profile is way to thick and has been cut to 23 inches. The chamber area is scalloped like a classic Rigby and the caliber engraved on the top. My best 3 shot group using Varget and 270 grain Barnes TSX bullets is shown in the last photo. Custom, fully machined stainless steel express sights have been added along with a custom machined stainless barrel band - all handmade by Gary Flach. The front and rear sight fit standard Recknagel inserts.

The stock is a McMillan in D'Arcy Echols Legend pattern. Pillars have been added and the rifle is fully bedded. It is finished in epoxy paint with a 1 inch decellerator pad. Length of pull is 14.5 inches. The unfinished blank alone landed here is close to a grand.

The scope base mounting holes have been upgraded to an 8-40 thread pattern so they will not shear under recoil. Full disclosure, for this modification, the factory hole spacing on the rear bridge is .330, which doesn't allow for upgraded mounting screws (too close together) so new rear holes were drilled at .860 (standard for other M70s). The factory stainless grub screws are left in place. The rifle comes with bases and Talley screw lock QD rings. PLEASE NOTE, THE SCOPE IS NOT INCLUDED.

Overall, the rifle weighs 8lb 1oz and balances at the front action screw.

I also have dies available and a about 150 once fired brass for an additional amount.

Do your research and you'll understand that this is a bargain at $3400 obo shipped. Replacement cost is over $5000.

Any questions, just ask.