1st. Year Apprentice Hairstylist in Westlock

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780 349-4454 Cosmetology


RF Staples School Cosmetology WESTLOCK

I am a first year apprentice hairstylist at the WESTLOCK RF Staples School with over 5 years experience. I am now accepting new clients. Enjoy high end salon services for 1/3 the cost! I offer men's, women's and children's cuts. Highlighting, colour, foils, perms and balayage. Just call the school at 780 349-4454 and book in with Avery in Cosmetology.

Westlock Area Skilled Trades 1st. Year Apprentice Hairstylist in Westlock
Salon services, 1st year apprentice Hairstylist, Westlock
Beautiful balayage
Gorgeous chocolate colour
Highlights and lowlights
Modern men's cut
Modern men's cut
All over colour with two foiled in highlights and lowlights
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