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Meet Liam, our handsome 15 month old chihuahua stud! His father is a 5.5lbs, CKC Registered applehead chihuahua and his mother is a 9.8lbs, deerhead chihuahua. He has a wonderfully charming, more relaxed disposition and is outgoing, affectionate, very expressive and interactive, and keenly intelligent. He loves to solve doggie games and do tricks. Although he wants to try everything, Liam is not a hyper or nervous chihuahua. Liam is well behaved, but shy around other dogs and people until he trusts them. He bonds better with people than dogs which him the perfect little companion.

Liam is our most unique chihuahua in size and appearance. He has topped out at 11.4lbs and has a stockier, more terrier look.

Liam is ready to procreate and we believe he will provide robust, well-tempered, intelligent offspring, which makes him a desirable stud.

If Liam sounds like the perfect puppy daddy for you special girl dog then contact Christina for more information.

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