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I am looking for any new or used once fired reloadable brass in: 7.62x51 NATO, 7.62x54r & unibody winchester AA red or remington gun club or sts shotshell hulls for

Calgary · will discuss

Thought I would make this into a hunting rifle but just no time and a shame to cut up something as nice as this.

Cremona, Ab · 375.00

Up for sale are 120rds of 7.62x54R Ammo, 1 ammo pouch and 8 stripper clips.

Spruce Grove · $115

Hi just looking for some 7.62x39 in bulk. Cheap corrosive preferred but if you non corrosive I may be interested as well.

Edmonton · Depends

$10 per 20rd box for corrosive ammo. Also have a few boxes of 200gr soft point non corrosive for $20 per box.

Calgary · $10-$20 per box

I don't shoot as much anymore so getting rid of some ammunition. Non-corrosive ammo. SP($20.00) is stamped 2014.

Medicine Hat · $20.00/box

Gauge 12 2 3/4 153rds Ammo for sale. · Sporting Goods in Calgary · 110

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Calgary · 110

7.62x39 surplus non strippers

CALGARY · 0.00

Includes: Pouch & 40 rounds. Russian ammo is very hard to come by.

Kelowna · 25.

290 rounds of s&b 7.62x39 in a ammo can. Looking to sell for 275 or trade for a nice .22 or .22 wmr. Let me know what you have.

Edmonton · 275