Hwy 44's Rural Roots Farmers Market

Hwy 44's Rural Roots Farmers Market
Fawcett, AB



Event Date: 

Friday, 2019, May 17

Highway 44's Rural Roots Farmers Market is situated in the perfect location for travelers coming from Athabasca, Slave lake, Westlock and a number of local lakes/ tourism destinations. We bounce between the two hamlets of Fawcett and Flatbush on Highway 44 North, Alberta. We cater to curious folks who want to explore local food and handmade uniqueness! Bring your children for outdoor activities such as face painting, Build a scarecrow, an outdoor playground and more! Every farmers market will have an evolving list of vendors that are sure to provide a little something for everyone. What better place is there for Good Food and free fun on a Friday evening?

For any vendors wishing to be a part of our market, feel free to Pick and choose your dates from the available list- it does not have to be a weekly commitment! At $10 per spot rental, a budding business can't go wrong exploring our locations!

How can a farmers market benefit local vendors?

Farmers’ markets are the most popular of the farm direct marketing channels – by both vendors and customers alike. From a vendor viewpoint, there are several benefits to selling at an approved farmers’ market:

1. Incubator and testing ground:Farmers markets are a venue where small businesses can “test the waters”to see how popular their products are with customers. It is a place where a vendor can receive immediate feedback from customers with regards to taste, quantity, packaging, price, product ideas, salesmanship, etc.

2. Guaranteed crowd and location: Farmers markets tend to attract much larger crowds than individual businesses, making your potential customer base much larger. In addition, the farmers market provides a stable location with adequate parking and other amenities that customers demand.

3. Group advertising: Farmers markets provide group advertising for the market as a whole which benefits all vendors attending.

4. Learning opportunities:Vendors can develop and hone entrepreneurial skills at a farmers market as well as learn from others who may have been in the business for many years.

5. Price maker: Farmers market vendors set their own price, eliminate the middleman and receive immediate payment for their product sales. Studies indicate that farmers market vendors receive between 40% - 80% more than selling their products through wholesale channels.

6. Minimal start up costs:Costs for selling at a farmers’ market are typically much lower when compared to setting up your own retail operation either on-farm on in the local community.


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