Firearms safety (PAL) courses in Fort McMurray. Nov 25 & Dec. 8/9

Firearms safety (PAL) courses in Fort McMurray. Nov 25 & Dec. 8/9
Fort Mcmurray
Fort Mcmurray
Fort Mcmurray , AB


Fort Mcmurray

Event Date: 

Sunday, 2018, December 9

Next course dates: Non restricted ($200) Restricterd ($100)
November 25th Non Restricted ($200)
December 8th Non Restricted ($200)
December 9th Restricted ($100)
Firing line consulting Ltd. is the industry leader in Firearms safety (PAL) training. Locally owned / operated.
We are offering courses in the Fort McMurray area on a monthly basis.
Whether you are interested in obtaining your firearms license for hunting, target shooting or both?, Firingline is the right place to start!.
We will provide you with the most comprehensive training in the industry with the best training tools available.
You can find a lesser quality course & for a higher price just about any place. There are a lot of phoney's out there offering substandard high priced courses. We just don't toss out enough information so you can likely pass the test & leave it to you figure the rest out for yourself. Teaching the test is not our standard. At Firingline our main goal is the quality of your training, not the price we charge!. Ask any one who has taken our course and they will tell you that highest training standard is the Firingline standard. (NOTICE) DO NOT be lied to and fooled by shifty untruthful crooks out there!. If you have at any point had a PAL and it has expired be careful. You NEVER have to do this course twice. Just an application to renew is all you need. There are instructors out there lying to people to scam them out of their hard earned money. Do NOT fall victim to this pathetic dishonest scam!. Call us today for details or visit our website for more info.
Youth 12 years & up can take the non restricted course with their parents at 1/2 price & apply for a youth PAL, Ask us for details. Employer training incentives & reimbursements may also be available!. Also students will receive 10% off any future ammo purchases.(Limit to First $500 purchase / subject to past course verification).
Visit us at for information on PAL courses and much more!.
To book training just message us @
or Call or text Martha direct
@ (780) 714 0664 for any course questions.
We look forward to seeing you in a class with us soon
The Firingline team.


780 714 0664
student manual front cover
student manual front cover