Standard First Aid Course

Standard First Aid Course
Barrhead Neighborhood Inn
Barrhead Neighborhood Inn
Barrhead Neighborhood Inn, AB


Barrhead Neighborhood Inn

Event Date: 

Saturday, 2019, January 26

Standard First Aid & CPR Level C with AED

▪ Date - January 26 & 27
▪ Times - 8:30 - 4:30
▪ Recerts will be on Sunday only.
▪ Where - Barrhead Neighborhood Inn - Banquet room
▪ RECERT PARTICIPANTS --- Please bring your non expired
certificates to the course, I will need to see it in order for you to
get your re-certification.

I will supply coffee and a few snacks for the morning, but of course if you want to bring your own in as well that will be just fine.

Please wear comfortable clothing as this will be a very interactive course and you will want to be able to move comfortably without having any restrictive clothing on that will hinder your ability to participate thoroughly in the class.

This is a non stressful course, I teach it in a fun and interactive setting where everyone can learn all the skills that are necessary but still not being stressed while learning all of the skills.

Thank you for attending this course, I look forward to meeting all of you.

Take care
Mel Nolin


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