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Huge inventory of powders, primers and firearms parts as well







Post Date: September 23, 2022


Have you started making 33nosler yet

No we have not and currently have no plans to.
However if you wish us to make some for you we require minimum of 200 rounds for start up.

This user breaks Canadian law and townpost policy. They refused to sell black powder without a PAL which is not a legal requirement as one only needs a PAL for loaded ammo or a firearm. They have no respect for this site policy nor the law with their vigilantism and I ask everyone to please not do business with them. Pretty much everything they sell can be found elsewhere. I am happy to help you in finding it elsewhere ( I am in no way affiliated with any other company but an rather simply a freedom loving person that does not like tyrants like this in the gun community. Canadian gun laws are restrictive enough we do not need lawless tyrants like these making things worse!!!)

I agree with Rusty Woods policy on this, I wouldn't sell black powder to anyone without a P.A.L. either, you could be an inexperienced user and blow your hand off, now that would be a litigated mess now wouldn't it? This is precisely what the P.A.L. courses and licenses are for.

Pal is for factory ammunition only not powder idiot sticks

What is a bag of 338 wm worth

For faster responses please email us at

We are currently sold out of that caliber and so are our suppliers due the pending End of The World and COVID 19 pandemic

Do you have 6.5 Swede brass?

Sorry we do not have that in stock. We can special order it in for you though from USA.
Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50 will be $ 63.50 plus tax.
Please email us at with your address for a quote with shipping.

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Placed an order from Rusty for bag of 50 brass....Same Brass from another dealer(Alta) was $21.39 cheaper. Rusty says they charge an extra 10% because of the Canadian Dollar. (Rusty Tax?). Just saying.

Any 6mm Creedmoor SRP in stock?