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Closing Date: Apr 27 2018

Job General Description:

A nanny is a trained and experienced childcare provider. First and foremost, your responsibility is to keep our children safe, happy and engaged. I want my child(ren)’s nanny to be are enthusiastic, warm and responsible individual. I want my child(ren)’s nanny to have experience dealing with the daily routines of children including implementing daily schedules, planning entertaining games, arts and crafts projects and outdoor activities. You need to focus on the children, their safety and development including meal preparation, hygiene, laundry and light housekeeping. You will be hired on a full time basis in a LIVE-OUT basis however your employer will provide you assistance in finding accommodations suitable and comfortable within walking distance from home of work. Compensation varies according to province and number of hours required.
Unlike any other country, Canada has been able to attract and retain high quality caregivers through the Canadian Caregiver Program. This is an opportunity for highly skilled and educated caregivers to work and possibly immigrate to Canada with their families.

Relevant Work Experience/Skills/Education Requirement:

1. Must be a graduate of secondary education or an equivalent of High School completion in Canadian Education System.

2. You must have six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or twelve months of full-time paid employment, including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer in a field or occupation related to the job you are seeking, as Nanny. You may have gained your training or experience in areas such as early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or first aid. You may also have completed your training as part of your formal education. This experience must have been obtained within the three years immediately prior to the day on which you submit an application for a work permit.

3. You must be able to speak, read, and understand English at a level that allows you to function independently in a home setting. For example, you must be able to contact emergency services if required and to understand labels on medication. You will be unsupervised for most of the day and may be required to communicate with someone outside of the home. A good knowledge of English will also enable you to read and understand your rights and obligations.

4. You must have a written employment contract between you and your future employer. The contract defines your job duties, hours of work, salary and benefits. The contract also reinforces your employer's legal responsibilities to you. These requirements help provide a fair working arrangement between the nanny and the employer and provides both parties with a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

5. Excellent decision making skills


1. The Employee shall work a minimum of 35 hours a week. The employee shall be paid overtime for any hours of work exceeding 44 hours per week. The employee’s work day will consist of shifts of eight (8) hours in length per day.
2. The Employer agrees to pay the Employee wages of $_14.05 to 15.75 per hour of work performed pursuant to this contract. The Employee shall be paid in a bi-weekly period of 14 days interval.


1. Ensures safety of the child in question for the duration of responsibility.
2. Duties to include feeding, clothing, changing diapers, potty training.
3. Watching children in home and on play dates Taking children outside 1-2 times/day
4. Taking and supervising children to/from gym, park, other activities.
5. Feeding children depending on schedule—breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.
6. Bathing children depending on need and schedule
7. Putting children to bed if pm schedule.
8. Taking children to health appointments (doctor, health nurse, dentist) as necessary.
9. Cooking dinner several times a week for family Occasional shopping/errands.
10. Light Housecleaning/keeping—approximately 3-4 hours a week Include bathrooms, kitchen, mopping floors, washing dishes, etc.
11. Doing laundry for family and folding as requested within work schedule.
12. Willing to help take the kids to Church.
13. Accompanying parent to child classes (e.g. swimming) or other events.
14. Go on vacations/trips with family Occasional overnight care.
15. Come out to dinner with us from time to time.
16. Expectations: Some flexibility in scheduling.
17. Clean up after herself—cooking, bathroom, etc.
18. Pay for own long distance phone calls If pay out of pocket for children’s food/snacks when out—to be itemized and reimbursed.
19. If pay out of pocket for gas or other travel expenses when taking children on a pre-approved trip—to be itemized and reimbursed.
20. May use laundry facilities as needed.
21. Hot tub use only with prior agreement with parents—as is off their bedroom.
22. Personal use of a vehicle only with prior arrangement—will deal with appropriate insurance.
23. Expect to eat during family times—though food/facilities available throughout day.
24. No overnight male guests--other guests to be cleared with family 2-3 days in advance.
25. Must be able to take direction and delegate responsibilities
26. Able to work nights, weekends, and holidays
27. Cooking and occasional supervision of childrens’ friends/guests
28. Help with homework and adhere to special dietary rules (vegetarian, kosher, lactose intolerant, etc.)


1. Excellent Communication Skills
It’s critical that you’re comfortable communicating openly and honestly with the child and our family.
2. A Passion for Play & Early Education
One of the advantages of hiring you as a Nanny, is the fresh injection of energy and creativity caregivers bring with them. Share your best activity ideas with us for keeping our children engaged and entertained.
3. Kindness, Respect & Patience
Share some examples of how you’ve handled tough situations in the past with children that you have cared for, and how you employ kindness, patience and respect in caring for children.
4. Confidence
Everyone has a different style when it comes to discipline, but one trait is key to successful parenting: confidence. When responding to and correcting bad behaviour it’s important to be confident in your response and no matter how hard it is to see a child disappointed or upset, to stick with your chosen course of action.
5. Experience
We want to discuss with you about your experience and skill level in details. To help us understand your skills and experience, your certificates and documents to demonstrate your trustworthiness and qualifications. Your documents and certificates can include a first aid certificate, a driver’s license, a background check, a CPR certificate, reference letters and more.
6. Chemistry & Personality Fit
Having a good chemistry and personality fit with the children and also with the us is important to make sure you will enjoy your job, and feel welcome in the family’s home. It’s a good idea to prepare some questions you’d like to ask me about my children and my family to make sure you will feel comfortable working for us.
7. Time Management & Organization
It’s important that you respect our time and schedule organized and prepared for the day.
8. Safety Knowledge
As a nanny, I am expecting you to have completed a first aid course.
9. Flexibility
Having some degree of flexibility is important to make sure you can help out when the unexpected happens.
10. Creativity
Creativity is a good trait to have in any situation as a caregiver, whether it’s dealing with a tantrum-fuelled child or planning activities with new and fresh ideas.
11. Respect to privacy and confidentiality.

Hiring Organization:
Alona - Miller Calatan

How to Apply:

Please send your resume at : acmiller_gp@yahoo.com with corresponding cover letter. Please prepare to provide previous employer's reference letter with contact information when requested.

Alona - Miller Calatan

Date Posted: Mar 23 2018


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