American Bully Puppy XL (Fawn Color Male)

Hello world!! My name is “Blue”. I am 13 weeks old and as cute as a button. Everybody tells me how handsome and how sweet I am. I love playing with other puppies and dogs and I especially like when children ask me to sit so they can give me a treat. I can pee on the pee pad and pee outdoors all by myself. I love cuddles and giving kisses and I am super smart. The vet who gave me my first needle said I was in perfect health and that I have beautiful posture. If you would like me to be your new furry best friend, I promise to love you and protect you and always be loyal. I’m going to be a pretty big boy, when I grow up…maybe even 90 pounds, but I am still going to want to sit on your lap and give you kisses!!







Post Date: May 14, 2022