RARE Vintage Gruen Wristwatch from the 60's

Gold Plated Gruen Day / Night Jump watch. These are extremely rare. Go ahead and search yourself. After searching I only found 6 of these retailing worldwide. They are retailing for 595 USD and 695 USD at a dealer in Dallas and 757 CAD in Toronto. Another going for $400 USD and yet another for $1000 USD. The watch is clean and works fine. Some minor scratches on the acrylic face. I have been using for a month after retrieving from storage. I am the 2nd owner (after my Grandpa) and have had in storage close to 30 years. It works fine. (Windup watch). Buyer in Dallas Texas made offer. US offer is 450 USD. (540 CAD) Offer $500 CAD and save me the hassle of shipping it. If you want proof of value let me know I can provide. Its a rare $700 piece.


$500.00 CAD O.B.O.






Post Date: October 17, 2021