Only 2 left! NALC Louisiana Catahoula Puppies 3 months old

1 boy (tan) and 1 girl (tuxedo)
3 months old.
Sit & recall well started.

Puppies are farm raised, with cats, other dogs (including a senior citizen dog who doesn't really like the puppies, so they learn to be submissive to other dogs from a young age!), horses running past their outdoor pen, quads, tractors, all the activity that a working farm has, lots of hands on love and attention, and of course.. KIDS! We try to expose them to as many things as possible so they grow up to be confident companions. Daily tours around the farm, making loud sudden noises and then giving lots of praise, rattling bags of bottles, loud claps and bangs, shovels on pavement, all followed by lots of love. (a dog who is scared of his own shadow is no fun for anyone!) Our puppies will come when called already!

Both parents are big cuddle bugs. Both Mom and Dad will do almost anything for a belly rub! If you are sitting down, or standing, or leaning on a fence, or just there, and they are around, they will position themselves in the most convenient way, to make sure you HAVE to pet them!! It's so sweet.

Our dogs are fantastic alarm systems. Someone drives in with an unknown vehicle, and they let us know! They are large enough with a big enough bark that an unusual visitor will stay in their car until you tell them ... "the dogs are fine, they just bark".. but dependent on the person, sometimes I don't tell them that! ;)

We don't treat train. We love and attention train. They will do anything for praise. The only time I give treats, is when I do recall. I see them out for a pasture tour, or headed to the swamp, I call them back, they come running and I give them a treat - but only when they are sitting quietly. Don't get me wrong, Catahoulas are very food focused. Treat training will work very well!! I just like my dogs to listen if I have treats or not! I also make my dogs sit when they want to be petted. They will come up, look you in the eye, and sit. Then, I will give them a scratch right under their chin, and front legs, those sweet spots they can't reach very well!

Catahoulas in general are very sensitive, typically a stern voice will make them stop whatever they are doing. They will turn themselves inside out to do make you happy. Our dogs are free to roam on the farm during the day - we have no electric fences, or dog pens they live in. We have taught them that the front gate and property fenceline is as far as they go. The only time we have used any 'shock collars' is if they start trying to 'help' bring in the horses. They just like to run with them, but the horses don't understand that and we don't want anyone getting hurt. But, with that said, Catahoulas do have a working mentality, so if they think they can help (or you want them too), they will!

These dogs are amazing farm, acreage or very outdoorsy active family pets, they are not meant to be lazy city dogs, that just won't work for them.
We have the opinion that everyone should own a Catahoula! They are truly amazing companion dogs, working dogs and are loyal like no other.
Both parents are purebreds, have incredible temperaments and dad comes straight from the heart of Catahoula Country USA.
Dad is solid red with white chest and amber eyes, Mom is tan with stunning blue glass eyes!
This is the first litter for these two parents so we are not able to guesstimate puppy size.
Mom is smaller weighing in at 65lbs, and stands 23" at the shoulder.
Dad is larger weighing 79lbs standing 25 " at the shoulder.
So, size would be somewhere in between them!
These puppies are registered.

Puppies ready to go today!
$200 non-refundable deposit required to hold your puppy.

Each puppy comes with:
3 set of shots
3 Dewormings
Vet Health Check
Puppy Package: Collar, small bag of food, real beef chew bone, and a blanket that smells like mamma
Lifetime breeder support

These puppies are sold as PET ONLY - on a non breeding contract.
References available upon request - we have lots!

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!
Call or Text: 780-993-5563

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Post Date: September 23, 2022