Fabulous F2B Labradoodles

We are so blessed for this life-changing experience.
Dusty Rose Doodles and our guardian families have had the companionship, the security, the mental and physical well-being, of consistently well-bred,  faithful doodles.
Owning a Dusty Rose Doodle is not an expense but an investment in YOUR companionship, security, and mental and physical well-being.
   These med-size gorgeous F2B puppies are Hypoallergenic, with wavy and curly fur, not hair, which is fine and so soft. Their colors of caramel, cream, and red are stunning. All this coupled with the superb characteristics and temperament of a poodle and lab would be excellent as a service, therapeutic pet, and companion for those that are wanting emotional upliftment.
All this comes with a quality not quantity breeding program. Socialized in the outdoors and indoors, people, animals, noises, and incorperated with Avidog stimulation, these puppies come to you ready and willing for future obedience training.
Maple and grandparents have been DNA tested for inherited health problems and were clear. Maple's puppies come from a third generation of quality and registered ancestry. From this, we know the temperament and disposition they have inherited.
F2b Labradoodle makes their appearance, coat type, temperament, and characteristics more consistent and predictable. They are highly intelligent, and loving dogs.
Come, take the time from your busy life, for a serene country drive to our ranch and choose your puppy. You won't regret it. Don't have time? Pictures are worth a
thousand words.
Visit our Dusty Rose Doodles
Facebook page for full information, updates, and video, on each puppy.
Please Email vwatson@eidnet.org or
text me,, Valerie at
4033762409, for questions or to set up a time to talk.
We live in Rosemary Alberta
$300 to hold your choice of puppy and $1900 at pick-up time. Last two pictures are of parents








Post Date: August 06, 2022