Photos and Videos of Fort McMurray Fire May 2016

This is a compilation of videos and photos of the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta on May 3, 2016. #FortMacFire
See our listing of clothing and items for donation to Fort McMurray evacuees.

Video of Vehicles Escaping through Thick Smoke

Emotional Stories from Residents who lost their homes

May 3, 2016 at 6:20pm the Largest Fire Evacuation Notice in Alberta's History was Issued

Rebuild Fort McMurray

The community is being hit hard by this fire, many residents have lost their homes and businesses. We need to do more than just watch the videos and look at the images, they need our prayers, financial support, donations, and maybe some crowd sourcing to start the rebuilding process. Over the next few days we will be posting a list of organizations you can donate through, or volunteer organizations that will be helping with cleanup and item donations. Please beware of GoFundMe scams and individuals asking for money, be careful when selecting your method of support.


Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray 2016 Fire


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God Bless all the residents of Fort Mcmurray. We need to open our homes and hearts to these families! If I can do anything for anyone, I am near Fort Vermillion and I live on a farm. I am willing to open my home and heart to help! Susanne