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WANTED FIREARMS and related misc. items

11 nosler bullets with 31 grains varget powder , 55 grain bullet . 1st . Reload .

39 Sierra boat tail bullets at 55 grains with 32.1 grains varget powder.

Smith and Wesson 629-6 Classic stainless .44 Magnum
250 rounds reloaded ammo
20 rounds factory ammo
Must be local

Buy direct from the distributor.
We have the largest inventory of LEE PRECISION Reloading tools in Canada. We ship anywhere in Canada.

Combine accuracy, consistency, reliable performance and an affordable price tag, and the result is the perfect round for the avid varmint hunter.

PPU 6.5×55 Swedish 139gr (20rds)

Langley, BC · 38.00

Prvi PPU 6.5×55 Swedish 139 Grain FMJ BT Ammunition Box of 20 have 6 boxes

Manufactured in Serbia & Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia) by Prvi Partizan

All Prvi Partizan ammunition features boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

PPU 7.65×53 Argentine FMJ BT 174gr

Brass cased, reloadable have 10 boxes

Quantity: 20

Willing to ship on Buyers dime.

12gage and 410. All new, NO reloads.
12g slug and 00, 000 buck $3 per.
12g #2 steel shot $1.50 per.
2 3/4 and 3 inch
410 000 buck and slug $2 per.

40 rds. 7.62x25 TOK 86 Grain FMJ Ammo with Stripper Clips.

Have 23 boxes

Five 8-rd. Stripper Clips, 1950s Czech-produced.