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Ron Fylyshtan · 3 days

morinville · 9.99


Koi Koi are members of the carp family. These beautiful fish are cold water fish which makes them ideal for summer ponds in Edmonton. We keep a number of koi in the store and are able to order more...
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Ron Fylyshtan · 3 days

morinville · 4.99

Betta Fish

Betta Fish Betta are among the most popular species of the tropical fishes. This is due to their vibrant colours and personality. Yes, they do have a personality. In fact they can be taught to do...
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wireddesktop · 4 days

Sherwood Park · 75

3.5 Gallon Aquarium

3.5 gallon aquarium with water filter, heater, thermometer, decorations and also 2 bottles of water conditioner. The lid has LED lights that change color. Also a small 3/4 full container of beta...
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WesGrout · 1 week

Strathmore · 750

Large Aquarium

Oceanic Bow-Front large 46 gallon Fish Aquarium. In good condition. On stand. Also, External Pump, Filter System, Hoses, Top-side light, filters, gravel, rocks, Breeder cage, Heater, and misc....
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Anonymous · 2 weeks

La Crete

Molly guppy fish

Looking for guppies and mollies
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Anonymous · 3 weeks

Dixonville · Best Offer

Large Fish Tanks with Stands

These three fish tanks measure: 18.5 inches wide by 15.5 inches high by 36 inches long, 19 inches wide by 24 inches high by 72 inches long, 13 inches wide by 25 inches high by 48 inches long. Buy...
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Anonymous · 3 weeks

Dixonville · best offer

Fish Tank Accessories

A wide variety of fish tank accessories ranging from heaters, filters, timers etc. Some decorations. Lots of different coloured gravels. Call if you want to know if something specific is available...
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Anonymous · 1 month

Okotoks · $25 obo

Fish tank, table and supplies

Everything you need as starter: - 5 gallon fish tank and filter - cabinet table - tank rocks and accessories - assorted fish food
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Anonymous · 1 month

Whitecourt · 250.00


50 gallon aquarium comes with stand pumps (2) ornaments 1large angle fish and a large pleco heaters and canopy but needs new light
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MJS's picture
MJS · 1 month

Stony Plain · 50

5 gallon fluval tank

Selling my fluvial tank it's holds water I just shut it down few weeks ago. It's has everything. It's has a heater, light and then it's has the built in filter moving need gone
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MJS's picture
MJS · 1 month

Stony plain · 450

Red Sea saltwater tank

Selling my 35 Gallon Red Sea tank it will come with a stand and everything that you see in the pictures the salt in the box hasn't been opened its a new box we have a bucket with a little bit of salt...
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Anonymous · 2 months

Lethbridge · $50

10Liter fist tank

Cleaned 10L tank and supplies for sale. Comes with everything you would need to raise a betta except the fish itself! This is over $100 worth of stuff, as you can see, the tank itself is worth more...
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Heatherkjc · 2 months

Calgary · 40

10 gallon fish tank & accessories

10 gallon fish tank itself is in great condition. Lights in the top work as well. Comes with black gravel, a gravel cleaner, an air pump and thermometer. Air pump definitely needs a new hose, unsure...
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Blayzepwa · 2 months

Edmonton · 50

Super red Dragon Flowerhorn

"Van Gogh" is a young male SRD Flowerhorn. He loves food and will eat from my hand.
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Anonymous · 2 months

Spruce grove · 400

60 gal. cube aquarium with sump, stand and lights

60 call on aquarium, 2’ cube comes with stand, sump, filter socks and LED light
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Anonymous · 2 months

High River · Free

Free pond fish

Free pond fish we have way to many
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