Kitchen Helper (NOC Code 6711)


Peace River, AB

Hiring Organization: 

Kita North Restaurant

Position Overview
A Kitchen Helper assists the Chef or Kitchen Manager in preparing different kinds of food (Asian, oriental, western with specialization in Sushi and Japanese cuisine). The Kitchen Helper workers in the preparation of food items and set up allocated stations for menu, as instructed by Chef or Kitchen Manager and in compliance with minimum town and provincial standards.
The Kitchen Helper also arranges, prepares and breaks down the buffets and food displays while maintaining the highest level of hygienic standards

• Set up stations and collect all necessary supplies to prepare menu for service
• Assists in the preparation of a variety of foods including meat, seafood, poultry, vegetable and cold food items
• Arranges sauces and supplementary garnishes for allocated station
• Covers, dates, labels and correctly stores all food prep items
• Notify Chef or Restaurant Manager in advance of likely shortages
• Serves menu items in keeping with standards of establishment
• Uses food preparation tools in accordance with safety and standard instructions
• Closes the kitchen correctly and follow the closing checklist for all kitchen stations or areas
• Maintains an organized and sanitized work area at all times
• Makes sure all storage areas are tidy and all products are stored appropriately
• Constantly use safe and hygienic food handling practices
• Returns dirty food preparation utensils to the appropriate areas
• Assists with all duties as assigned by the Chef or Kitchen Manager

Cost-control Practice and Budget Skills

• Records Management
• Data Analysis
• Schedule Management
• Office Management


• Follows a given recipe and quality standard and prepare various food items, including vegetables, poultry, meats, and seafood for cooking using different methods and kitchen equipment such as oven, broilers, fryers and grills
• Stocks and manages assigned food station(s) and ensure quality of food served
• Physically inspect and see all food sent from the kitchen and make requisitions for food items and supplies that are needed
• Understands and adheres to company’s policies and processes, cooking methods, standard portion sizes, and kitchen rules and quality standards
• Ensures sufficient amount of food products are stocked and maintained at line stations to facilitate hitch-free service period
• Ensures food products are portioned before cooking by following standard portion sizes and recipe that have been specified
• Ensures work station area, including shelves, tables, grills fryers, pasta, broilers, cookers convection oven, sauté burners, refrigeration equipment, and flat top range are kept cleaned and sanitized always following safety and sanitation policies and processes of the company
• Keeps proper garnish set up and plate presentation for every dish
• Keeps food servers informed of ticket times, and attend to orders from guests promptly and efficiently and with a friendly attitude
• Properly stores, rotates, and manages all food products following local, state, federal, and company guidelines and procedures
• Helps out in food prep tasks during off-peak periods when needed
• Ensure proper closure of kitchen by following kitchen stations’ closing checklist; also, help others to close the kitchen
• Participates in and make suggestions for improvement at employee meetings
• Performs other duties assigned by the manager on duty or the kitchen manager
• Meets with customers or initiate customers interaction from time to time or when needed
• Flexible and must be able to substitute for front worker during emergency absence or leave.
 Listening and Communication Skills: You will be expected to follow instruction from your supervisor or Chef or Kitchen Manager and your ability to understand those instructions with little or no follow up will be appreciated by your immediate superior. Also, you might need to relate messages or instructions to other kitchen members based from your supervisor. Good listening and communication skills ensure that the information is relayed correctly and accurately.
 Ability to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment without losing composure
 Ability to adapt and learn cooking skills.
 Knowledge of recipe: You must have a strong knowledge of recipe to be able to prepare varieties of food using different methods.
 Possession of knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations and processes relating to food preparation and safety
 Possess High School Diploma
 Possess state approved food handlers certification
 Good communication skills: The Kitchen Helper must be able to pass ideas and information clearly to colleagues, food servers, customers, and management without being misunderstood
 Analytical skills: The Kitchen Helper must be able to analyze several contending options in the course of work and make the best decision as quickly as possible
• Completion of secondary education is required.
• 1 year experience in a Casual Dining or Fine Dining Setup
• Exposure in high end cooking equipment, preparation tables and kitchen tools


1. The Employee shall work a minimum of 36 hours a week. The employee shall be paid overtime for any hours of work exceeding 44 hours per week. The employee’s work day will consist of shifts of eight (8) hours in length per day. The business is open 14 hours (please double check this operating hours for Kita North) a day and shift may vary from morning, afternoon, evening and weekends or as required by the schedule of the Manager or Owner because of holidays.
2. The Employer agrees to pay the Employee wages of $15.00 – 18.90 per hour of work performed pursuant to this contract. The Employee shall be paid on a BI-MONTHLY period. (Rate will be supported with gratuities and other benefits like free meal. Please let me know what benefits are applicable or provided by Kita North Restaurant.)


1. Product familiarization and sales awareness.
2. Knowledgeable in control and supply management.
3. Efficient in the use of Microsoft Office Productivity Tools.
4. Skills in food presentation and plating.
5. Ability to adapt to a new environment with co-workers of different nationalities and cultures.
6. Good Human Relationship skills.
7. High work standards and ethics.
8. Excellent punctuality and dependability.
9. Excellent Mathematical Ability
10. Excellent decision making skills and highly analytical in judgment.
11. Integrity and honesty in personal and professional work behavior.

How To Apply / Contact Information: 

Everyone is invited to apply for this position : Indigenous persons, vulnerable youth, newcomers, and persons with disabilities. Please send your resume at : with corresponding cover letter.


Closing Date: 

Monday, 2019, May 13
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