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Unused reloading kit.

Reloading manuals

Leduc · 40$

Selling a Sierra and Hornady reloading manuals
40$ for both or 25$ each

Redding 6.5x284 Norma reloading dies

rocky mountain house · 30

Got them as part of a trade and never got into reloading

For sale in new still sealed condition IMR 7828ssc reloading powder.

Asking $125 per LB

Please text anytime 6476871484. Brand new.

32 RF Long/Short Reloadable Cartridges Ammo 90GR $6 each.

Please text anytime 6476871484. Brand new.

.38 RF Short Reloadable Cartridges Ammo $6 each

Licenced gunsmith will pay cash for unwanted ammunition and reloading components, reloading equipment, scopes and gently used hunting gear.
Text or email please.

I got a Hornady 2L sonic cleaner and Lee 50th anniversary reloading set I picked up for a project that no longer need.

Used Reloading Dies

Stony plain · 0123456789

Used Reloading Dies 

223 Rem Lee Pacesetter 3 piece die set $50

30-06  Lee Reloading 3 piece die set $50

35 Whelen Lee Reloading 2 piece die set $50

Custom savage LH 260rem

Wainwright · 1050

Left hand savage model 110 single shot 260rem. Rifle is a real tack driver .4” with very little effort on the reloading end. Just throw some stuff together.