Paintball and Airsoft

Buy and sell used paintball markers, paintballs, airsoft guns, and air soft accessories for sale in Alberta.
Calgary · 4 hours ago


Non blowback 1911. All one solid piece. Not the fanciest of replicas or pellet... View Ad
Calgary · 4 hours ago


Non blowback C02 BB gun. Slide is moveable, by hand. Polymer frame, full size... View Ad
Calgary · 4 hours ago

M110 Sawed Off Shotgun Airsoft - Not working/for parts

Came late/busted, couldn't return, dont know how to fix, maybe you do. Or use... View Ad
Edmonton · 9 hours ago

G&G ARP-9 w/ 11.1 LiPo and adds

Selling ARP9 w/ 3 midcaps + 1hi-cap + fortis grip - 11.1 candybar LiPo (fits in... View Ad
Edmonton · 10 hours ago

Airsoft AEG Classic Army SR25

Acquired in a trade . I play cqb so yeah . Thing works great and comes with a... View Ad
Edmonton · 10 hours ago

Airsoft KJW 1911 Green gas 2 mags

NEEDS NEW SLIDE RELEASE PIN AND ANOTHER 10$ PART. Mags hold gas gun just dumps... View Ad
Edmonton · 10 hours ago

Airsoft KSC M9 green gas 1 mag

Green gas KSC m9 one mag . Mag bottom cap missing. Gun is used but works well.... View Ad
Thorhild · 10 hours ago

Airsoft spring snipers

Guns shoot and operate great top one is toko needs two bolts in the scope mount... View Ad
Coalhurst · 10 hours ago

G&G Airsoft Gun w/Battery and BBs $125 OBO

Selling my G&G Airsoft Gun w/Battery and BB's $125 OBO lightly used
Brooks · 15 hours ago

Tac 50 camo, Woods Paintball Marker. 2 extra Co2 tanks...

Tac 50 camo paintball marker. 500 rounds of paint and two C02 tanks. Great... View Ad
Brooks · 15 hours ago

Tippmann A5, (mp5) custom

Tippmann a5 (mp5) custom. Comes with Flatline barrel and original barrel.... View Ad
Calgary · 2 days ago

VFC hk416 airsoft gun for sale

Fully liscenced hk416 made by VFC with little use, comes with all included in... View Ad
Calgary · 2 days ago

G&G M14 EBR for sale

Full Metal g&g m14 ebr comes with battery 2 mid cap and 1 hi cap mag and a... View Ad
Calgary · 2 days ago

Krytac LVOA Fully Upgraded

Krytac LVOA fully upgraded able to shoot 300-400 feet an amazing airsoft gun... View Ad
Fort Saskatchewan · 2 days ago

Selling Two G&G assault rifles

Selling two G&G guns together for 350 or separate for 200 each. Never... View Ad
Calgary · 2 days ago

G&G M16 A3 MAX Airsoft Rifle

M16 airsoft rifle, comes with two clips, two batteries, safety glasses, extra... View Ad
$250 obo
Calgary · 3 days ago

Classic Army M14 EBR Black Friday Week Special

Up for sale i have a classic army m14 ebr. The gun includes 1 high cap magazine... View Ad
Leduc Alberta · 3 days ago

Airsoft kwa AK 74m with electronic recoil

Airsoft AK 74m. Brand new condition, never saw a game. Comes with battery/... View Ad
$350 obo or trade
Calgary · 3 days ago

Selling my two airsoft guns (NEED GONE ASAP)

I am selling my airsoft guns because I have no need for them anymore. Selling... View Ad
Sherwood Park · 3 days ago

Selling GSG 552 c/w battery no charge

Selling GSG 552 c/w battery no charger. Batteries are nunchuck style. Never... View Ad
Selling GSG 552 (battery)nocharger
Edmonton · 4 days ago

Airsoft KWA M93R Machine Pistol

KWA93R Side arm . Capable of 3 round burst . Comes with extended gas mag. Will... View Ad
Edmonton · 4 days ago

Ares AM-016 M4 AEG

Selling my Ares AM-016 M4 AEG as I have recently bought another rifle and have... View Ad
$$325 OBO
Edmonton · 4 days ago

Airsoft WE-Tech 1911 (engraved)

This is one of the nicest examples of a 1911 on the marketplace. It comes with... View Ad
Edmonton · 4 days ago

Airsoft m4 g&g combat machine

Mint condition airsoft combat machine. Comes with 2 batteries, holo 1x optic,... View Ad
Calgary · 4 days ago

Large Airsoft Lot for Sale

SELLING EVERYTHING FOR $1500. Individual prices add up to 2050. RIFLE VFC... View Ad